Once or twice a year, Bob and Denise organize a trip through the Hayes Resort Travel Club. 
Trips can be tours, cruises or beach vacations.
Call Denise at 920.928.2616 for information.
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   Past Trips

 Punta Cana Feb 2017
 Greek Cruise Nov 2016
 Punta Cana Feb 2016
 Iceland Jun 2015
 Punta Cana Feb 2015
 Christmas Markets on the Rhine Nov 2014
 River Cruise on the Seine Mar 2014
 Punta Cana Jan 2014
 Punta Cana Feb 2013
 Ireland Oct 2012
 Holland Belgium river cruise Apr 2012
 Punta Cana Jan 2012
 Punta Cana Mar 2011
 Christmas Markets along the Danube Dec 2010
 Scotland and Ireland Apr 2010
 Ixtapa Mexico Mar 2010
 Australia and New Zealand Oct 2009
 Ixtapa Mexico Feb 2009

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